News Updates for LS1M Users


Update 4/24/07:

The LS1M business is in transition.  I will no longer be producing and selling scanners directly after this month.  I’m in talks with a speed shop owner about taking over the business, but nothing is final yet.  I’d like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging over the last few years, making this business of mine a success on many different levels.  Thank you.



Update 2/21/07:

New PDA’s!

Brand new, *rechargeable*, color PDA’s are now available, complete with accessories!


New Support Website

Visit the new LS1M support forum at  Registration is not required to view topics or post pre-sales questions, but if you register you will be sure to get all future product announcements.


Also visit the new LS1M store at


Version 1.7e

Version of 1.7e is available for downloading.  Click here to download the zip file, then extract the files to an empty folder & run setup.  The new features are:

·        The ability to dump a log out via the serial port from the Saved Logs screen.  This means you can capture the saved log on a computer, using a terminal program like Hyperterminal, instead of using Palm Desktop and the LS1M Synchronizer.

·        Metric unit support has been added.  Parameter “MPH” has been renamed “SPD”.

·        New “Misfires” screen.  This screen will capture & count how many times a cylinder is reported as the “primary” misfiring cylinder.

·        There is a new “Retry on Timeout” option on the Config screen.

·        The Trouble Codes screen has been revised to support emissions test status.


Version 1.5.1 of the synchronizer supports metric units.  It works with the units options in 1.7e, so whatever units you select in the LS1M program, then those are the units used in the synchronizer.  Click here to download the zip file, then extract the files to an empty folder & run setup.  Or, if you’ve already installed the LS1M synchronizer, all you need to do is copy the new LS1MSynch.dll file from the .zip to “\program files\palm” & overwrite the old one.


Supported PDA’s:

The LS1M is compatible with many different PDA’s.  There is a list of PDA’s that have been tested with LS1M in the Frequently Asked Questions section.  The only requirements are that the PDA is running PalmOS version 3 or above, and the PDA must be equipped with a serial hotsync cable.  If the PDA is a non-Palm brand (Sony, Handspring etc), please email for instructions on how to make the LS1M cable work with those brands.  Recently manufactured cables have an internal DIP switch that must be changed to supply “helper voltage” to these non-Palm PDA’s; earlier cables will need a wire soldered together.  To date, only the Handspring Visor has shown to require this change.  Palm brand PDA’s don’t require it, and the voltage may actually damage the Palm serial port, so do not enable it unless required.

* Latest Versions *


*      LS1M Palm Program:


*      1.7e – Added log “dump”, metric units, misfires screen, config retries, emission test status

*      1.7d – Added AutoLog screen, fixed other minor issues

*      1.7c – Addressed issue where sometimes the car will report 11+ deg of KR for no apparent reason

*      1.7b – Fixed injector duty cycle bug, other cosmetic small changes

*      1.7a – Fix for Palm m100/m105 usesrs – Nanny log scroll bar was causing crash when dragged full left

*      1.7 – Complete rewrite with changes in every screen – New synchronizer 1.4 required for this version

*      1.6d – fix for older Palms running 3.2 version of PalmOS

*      1.6c – fix very large IAC counts on L67 engines

*      1.6b – fix error with very negative LFT’s and SFT’s

*      1.6a – fix error with 0-60 screen

*      1.6 – Nanny screen update, Gauge screen save/restore, 0-60 screen update & hp estimator added

*      1.5g – support for new cables (palm/handspring combo)

*      1.5f – added boost for L67 owners

*      1.5e – added rear O2’s and fixed MAFF overflow bug

*      1.5d – added support for newer Palm’s (serial manager)

*      1.5c – filter added to MISP parameter

*      1.5b – 0-60mph bug fix

*      1.5a – gauge screen fix

*      1.5 – added gauge screen


*      LS1MSynch:

*      1.5.1 – Added support for metric units

*      1.5 – Added timer to shut itself down after about a minute of inactivity

*      1.4 – Revised to work with version 1.7x (Palm database structure is different)