Customer Testimonials


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      I just got my LS1M today for use on my L67 powered 04 Impala SS.  I also have hopes of acquiring an LS1 powered 4th gen Fbody.  I just wanted to say thank you for putting so many useful features in such a compact and easy to use package.  The LS1M kicks ass!!!  I have only used it just a little, but with my mods I'm planning I'm sure it will be an invaluable tuning tool.  The first thing I did was reset an SES light, caused by a faulty O2 simulator.  Until Digital Horsepower releases the reprogrammed PCM for my car I don't have to worry about staring at that ugly amber SES light.  I have also installed the first update to the software.  It was so simple.  It's not every day such an affordable tool is available with such outstanding support.




  Thank you and keep up the good work!








I just wanted to let you know that I have had my LS1M for about 4months now and love it.  It has helped me so much in tuning my car that without it I would not be able to do the things I need to.


 I am sure that people always send you their $.02
of ideas.  So I will be no different.  One thing that would greatly help me (and I am sure others)is having the scanner read which gear the transmission is in. It is kind of hard to read RPMs and know what gear and how it is shifting.  I am not sure it is possible to have the LS1M scan the computer and read which gear the car is in, but it would be a nice feature.  It would make tuning the car easier, and ensuring the transmission is working correctly.


Anyways that is my $.02


Hi Mark,


I received the package yesterday. Software loaded up fine and cable

was recognized by car. All looks well. I did a few scans but no logging yet.


I plan to do some logging later today. I suspect my car maybe getting some

knock retard/misfires.


Appears to be an excellent package you've put together. I'll let you know how it goes.


Thanks & Best Regards,




Just wanted to let you know I got the package today and so far everything seems to work great. I look forward to playing with this some more and learning the rest of the features. Thanks for a great product, and for getting it here so quick! I'll be sure to recommend it to all my L67/L36 friends!




Thanks a ton for your speedy service and willingness to help out. I got the Palm in the mail today and it works great. That is what customer service is supposed to be like! Thanks again.




  I got the LS1M scanner today, that was FAST!! Thanks!! If I have any problems or questions I'll e-mail you. Thanks for the FAST shipping.






I have had to change the batteries in my Palm

once.  I'm not sure how long they're supposed to last,

but I don't feel they had a short life.  Also during

replacement I had no trouble with having to

recalibrate or anything.


I don't know how large or small your business is,

but I swear if I could get support from everyone I do

business with that was half as good as yours, I would

be thrilled.  It's awesome to get such great support

from a business.


    I do have a quick question for you.  I know you're

busy working on the latest software so I'll keep it

short.  How hard would it be to get a program like

yours that does OBD II to scan OBD I.  I have an 86

Camaro that I'm working on as well as the L67 in my 04

Impala SS.  I can't find anything except for programs

that need a laptop to run.



Thanks again for your outstanding concern and support

for your customers!





I received the LS1M Scanner in Friday's mail -
excellent turn-around time!  I haven't had too much
time to play with it, but I really like it so far.
Thanks for a great product!  Now I need to read up
on my ODB-II codes and values so I can interpret all
of this great data....




I downloaded version of the Synchronizer and installed it. That worked. Itís kind of strange, but the version I had on the disk that came with the Scantool was also Like you said, it must have been missing something. Just wanted to say thanks for the help and for the quick response! I wish more companies did business the way you do! J



Hi Mark,

My name is Brandon [last name deleted] and I recently purchased a LS1M scanner off you from the group buy at which I paid for by paypal on 6-24.  I was looking through my billing statement I recieved from my bank and noticed two payments of $249.99 on that same day.  Could you do me a favor and check to see if I may have paid for it twice and if I did reimburse one of the payments back?  I know I didn't spend another $249.99 on anything that day or previous. Thank for checking and get back with me as soon as possible.  I need that money!!

Also I wanted to thank you for such a great product and such quick shipping from Texas to Ohio, I couldn't believe how fast I recieved my package and I was so excited to hook it up to my car and start playing with it.  Thanks again and am waiting to hear back from you...



[editorís note: he did get his money back, by the way]




      I've gotten the updates all downloaded and installed.  I spent a few minutes familiarizing myself with the new screens, etc...I just spent two weeks on leave back home in [location deleted].  My friend's dad who's been a car guy for years has a highly modded 2001 Firehawk Firebird.  He was amazed at all I could do with my LS1M, as was my father.  A GM employee of 27 years.

     I can't wait until I get some holiday time off to go play with the latest version.  Keep up the awesome work!


Hi Mark,

I recieved the package today.  Just wanted to thank you for your continued
support of old-time customers.  It really is nice to know that you stand
behind your product, and continue to provide support for old customers.

I also recently updated my LS1m to 1.7, and I love it.  My favorite new
feature is the fast resets, it helps us keep our eyes on the road more
instead of on the PDA.  Have a Happy New Year!

Thanks again Mark,

Hey Mark,

Your scanner is awesome. I wouldnt have been able to fix half the problems Ive found with my car. That would have ended up with money lost at the dealership/garage on little things Ive could have done myself. So the LS1M has pretty much payed for itself...