Something in the Bible I DON’T believe

I believe God can do anything.  I believe there are no limits to His abilities.  I’m not 100% sure how much Jesus (being God) had His powers limited (also being Man).  For instance, God can’t die, but Jesus did.  Then again, when a man dies, he stays that way; he doesn’t come back to life a few days later.

The Bible says that Jesus walked on water.  That may not be exactly true: have you ever noticed that every time he’s anywhere near the water, fish come around?  Remember how he borrowed Peter’s boat, and then pushed away a little so he could preach from there & everyone on the shoreline could hear Him?  Well, afterwards, He told Peter to cast his net out.  Peter & his coworkers had fished all night, and didn’t catch anything, yet, when they threw out the nets into the water where Jesus had just been, they pulled in so many fish their boats started to sink.  (You can’t say Jesus doesn’t reward you for letting Him use your stuff – those men made a living off of fish, and He paid them in their own currency for the use of their boat, and for trusting Him about casting the net out – they had just finished cleaning up, had fished all night and were exhausted, but they did it anyway…)

So my theory – and it’s just a theory – is that Jesus was actually walking on fish.  When Peter first came down to meet Jesus in the water, the fish didn’t seem to mind, but when Peter started to get scared, the fish smelled fear and swam away, making Peter sink.  It would explain why Peter was able to do something physically impossible, just because Jesus was nearby; if it was a miracle that Jesus could alter the surface tension of the water enough to support his weight, how did Peter get the same supernatural ability?  And why has that same ability NEVER been repeated in 2000 years of devout Christians?

Or, I could be completely wrong.  Maybe I’ll ask Him about it next week when the world ends…