Wife love

Last year, we decided to get season passes to Disney World.  We had just bought a new van, and I rigged it up with an air conditioner and foam bed for camping.  We made six trips to Disney.  Sometimes we stayed in a hotel or rented a house with the kids, and sometimes we slept in the van at the state park, just the two of us.  The height of opulence came on one of our last trips when my wife saw some Mickey drink cups for sale in the Magic Kingdom.  Before we headed home, I decided she needed to get those cups.  We went back to the Magic Kingdom and made our way to the Starlight Café.  We stood in line with the masses and ordered four.  On the way out, I had her pose for a picture holding all four of those cups.  The look of contentment, happiness and joy on her face is something I will always treasure.

Last week, I was able to capture that feeling again.  I spent all day with her driving to a tulip farm.  I knew that was her favorite flower, and we just don’t see them very often where we live now.  It was a long drive there & back, but just about right for a day trip.  At the Tulip farm, they give you a basket and you walk around, picking the flowers you’d like to buy.  Once home, as the flowers started to open up, I gotta say, those are the most beautiful tulips I have ever seen.  Later that night, as she was snuggled in bed, she said “I’ve got chills.”  I said, “They multiplyin?”  A second or two later, she smiled as she caught my Grease reference.  Then as I was in the kitchen, taking my pills and vitamins, I heard a voice.  Sounded like some girl talking.  I checked my kids’ bedrooms, but no, the sound was not coming from there.  As I got closer to our bedroom door, I realized it was my wife.  She was singing!  I had done it again.  She was so content and happy, she was singing the Grease chorus out loud.

I’ve struggled for years to figure out how to best please my wife.  I’ve cleaned for her, built her things, bought her things.  She likes it, sure, but I’ve only gotten that happy, unworried, content look from her a handful of times in the past few decades.  Spending time with her, just the two of us, somewhere nice, away from our responsibilities, and buying her something she loves is a winning combination.  I would do anything for my beautiful bride, and the memories we share of those fantastic moments are more precious to me than life itself.

Happy Valentines Day, sweetheart