2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I play restaurant story as well, and ran across you’re blog address on a friends wall. I hope you don’t mind my reading it. I was very touch by your story about your faith and alcohol. I’ve been there, and truly understand how you feel. No kids here, by choice and sexual preference, God knows what hell I would’ve went through when karma slapped me in the face because if the actions of the children I don’t have. Thank you for sharing, I know I was not invited here, but I do enjoy reading your writing..your thoughts, feelings..struggles and hopefully and prayerfully your triumph over alcoholism. I wish you the best Mark. Sincerely, Stacie…..azfreedom

    1. Thanks Stacie. I appreciate the support and feedback. This blog is in the public domain, so don’t feel like you’re intruding. I just wanted to share; heck, if this stuff works, I want everyone to know about it!


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